betchya bite a live one

1. the net
2. if i was a cop
3. ballad of brian quixote

4. supermarket [Click to listen]
5. promised land
6. road rage
[Click to listen]
7. five steps

Russell Wolff - vocals,
acoustic guitar

Joe DeVico - drums
Jon Hinkis - bass
Cadence Carrol - djembe

All songs written by Russell Wolff Intertwined Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
Produced by Russell Wolff and Joe DeVico
Recorded Live on 12-4-99 at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY
opening for MOXY FRUVOUS

Recording by Jason Reiser
Mastered by Joe DeVico
Photography by Paul Mischler

To all of you who have purchased this record...

Let me first say thank you. It was never my intention to release this record.
I thought the sound in the club sucked, the playing sucked, the songs were too fast...
yada yada yada. But then one day I was listening back to the recording
and decided I just didn't care about any of that BS.
What you have in your hand (and hopefully your CD players)
is a recorded account of the greatest night of my life. Not only was it wonderful to open for Moxy Fruvous, who I
am crazy about, but it was also a chance to see why the hell I do all this work I do. There were close to 1,000 of you
out there that night. And you listened to me and appreciated what I was trying to do and say. You gave me the most
wonderful experience I could have EVER dreamed of in my life. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Lovingly devoted to working my ass off for all of you,

Russell Wolff

Now for some specific thank yous related to this record and this record only...

Jian Ghomeshi (for taking a chance on a bald unknown)
after Jian, these are in no particular order...

Dave, Murray, and Mike, Jude Coombe, Dave Tobey,
Jon Hinkis (man's best friend), Cadence Carrol,
my amazing fans before and since this event,
Angie, Amanda, Anita, ALL OF MY PAULS, all the tapers,
Nate, Paul, and Jason who sent me copies of this experience
in a somewhat timely fashion...
I thought I would have to live with the lame video I had,
MC and Loren, upstate NY which has become a second home to me since this show,
"send a shout out to my homies in Syracuse, Albany, Rochester and Buffalo YO!"

let me also thank
Fruheads internationally who have opened your hearts
and many of you, your pull out couches for us on the road...

for the millions I have left out, just send me an email and complain about it...
this is a webpage and can be easily updated. until then, see you on the road!

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